Artikel What is HbA1c?
What is HbA1c?

What is HbA1c?

HbA1c values are often associated with diabetes mellitus, which is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. HbA1c is one of the parameters used in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and to monitor the therapy of patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

The following table shows the HbA1c values.
alt text
So, what is HbA1c? HbA1c is the bond between hemoglobin and glucose/sugar that enters the bloodstream. In fact, everyone has hemoglobin that binds to blood glucose, but HbA1c results are higher in people with prediabetes and diabetes mellitus due to the high blood sugar levels in these conditions.

Quoting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, there are several things that can affect the HbA1c results (increase or decrease), namely:
• Kidney failure, hepatic impairment, or severe anemia
• Effects of drugs (opioids and HIV drugs)
• Less common types of hemoglobin in African, Mediterranean or Southeast Asian races and people with blood disorders (sickle cell anemia or thalassemia)
• Blood loss or blood transfusion
• Early or late pregnancy

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